We aim to provide a safe, professional approach to your problems.

Whether you are coming for preventative treatment, constitutional remedies, trauma or acute disease, we pledge to provide the very best treatment available. We work with many other practitioners, from GPs to allergy specialists. Sometimes it is necessary to refer you elsewhere; should this be the case please be assured that we only refer on recommendation.

Should we not meet your expectations please contact the clinic manager.


In accordance with the code of best practice we would welcome any patients or visitors to the clinic to submit any ideas, thoughts, comments, thank yous, testimonials or complaints to the clinic manager.

All written submissions will be replied to when required within seven days. Please leave you name and address if a reply is wanted. Anonymous comments will also be given full attention and acted upon if necessary.

The Clinic Manager and all staff at the clinic meet on a regular basis to address any concerns arisen.

Please address such comments to:

... or write to us (we love a letter):

Clinic Manager
The Osteopathic House
38 Church Street
Hertfordshire, WD3 1DJ