Emilio Martinez
Massage and Sports Massage, Amatsu

We are pleased Emilio choose the Osteopathic House to begin building a career locally.

James MossEmilio began his career as a massage and sports massage therapist in 2006, learning Amatsu. He has a diploma in anatomy, physiology and body massage, and a diploma in Sports Massage Therapy through the London School of Massage.

Emilio uses techniques such as soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, trigger point therapy and neuromuscular techniques to complement his massage treatments. Each massage is designed to treat the particular needs of the individual and may be focused on a specific area or used to treat the whole body. In his spare time, Emilio enjoys networking and spending time with his family.

What happens at the Massage?

Generally, the patient should be able to sit and rest in the waiting room five minutes or so before treatment. This allows them to settle down, unwind and start to enable their body to be more receptive to mechanical work. For new patients a full case history will be taken and any prior examinations.

After the history the patient will be asked to change down to their undergarments to allow us to look at the presenting problem. (For patients that feel uncomfortable about standing in underwear, feel free to wear shorts and a baggy t-shirt and we can work around the area).