During a visit to The Osteopathic House, no matter who you see, they will be qualified, insured and registered with their appropriate body.

Without exception all therapies will also require a case history of some degree, some more intensive than others. The practitioners need to be able to screen out any pathology that may mean you are unsuitable for treatment and make sure that you are most suitable for the treatment you are about to receive.

For some manual therapies you may or will be asked to undress to your undergarments, including tights if you wear them. The therapist may examine you standing, sitting or laying down.  For the Osteopaths, active movements of your body will be recorded and dependent on the area of concern, various tests will be undertaken.

Please note, should you feel uncomfortable in your underwear please feel free to wear shorts and a loose fitting T-Shirt. Because Osteopathy and other manual  therapies work directly on the body, we need to be able to examine and touch the muscular skeletal framework and hence tight clothes may restrict what the Osteopath or therapist can achieve.  All treatment will be explained to you before it is commenced and during any part of treatment you feel vulnerable or want to terminate treatment please tell you practitioner immediately.

In Osteopathic Consultation, the first treatment will involve a long case history. Questions will be asked regarding your current health and previous health. The Osteopaths need to diagnose your current problem in light of your whole history. Some of the questions may seem strange, for instance, “any childhood accidents?” but these are the exact incidents that help us formulate your current general health status and will help the Osteopaths understand your problem in terms of your body.

The philosophy is that we are a product of our state of health from day one and even before. So all information will be of use.  It is treated as strictly confidential and not shared with anyone, ever.