Alice Collins MSc


Alice is an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist and counsellor trained to work with both long and short-term clients. Alongside her private practice, she works as a university psychotherapist in Greater London and is a registered member of the  BACP.  

Alice’s long career as a nurse, prior to her psychotherapy training, supports her understanding and compassion of both physical and mental health.

Beginning therapy can feel like a big step and can feel frightening as well as hopeful.  Talking in a safe, quiet, and non-judgemental space can help to make effective changes in our lives and enhance our well-being so that life feels less difficult and better understood. Exploring unresolved issues and conflicts can reduce fears and anxieties leading to the experience of a more fulfilled life with stronger relationships.  

Alice will let you take the lead whilst creating an environment of warmth, empathy, and understanding. She believes that the psychodynamic model offers a holistic treatment approach and a more thorough examination of the self. It is a way of thinking about ourselves and also ourselves in relation to others. A psychodynamic perspective recognises how current feelings can be linked to earlier life experiences. As a ‘talking therapy’ this can help us to understand how difficulties from the past can impact our present, therefore affecting our day-to-day habits, emotions, behaviours, relationships, and health.

Some examples of areas that Alice works with:- 

Depression or feeling low, stress, anxiety, trauma, loss or bereavement, abuse,  relationship problems, self-harm, suicidal ideation, addiction, eating disorders, work-related issues, anger, guilt, marital and/or family issues, low self-esteem, insomnia,  fatigue, issues around identity.  

If you would like to explore psychotherapy with Alice then please email or telephone her and she will contact you to arrange an initial consultation session. She aims to respond within 24hrs and will organise a brief conversation with you on the phone prior to your meeting.