Emlyn Lamburn


Emlyn joined “the house” in January 2016. Yet he is by no means new to the job. He graduated at the BSO in 2011, studied at the Classical school and is devoted to expanding both knowledge and experience.

Emlyn’s first experience of osteopathy was as a patient. Thus he knows what it is like to be on the other end of treatment. He is gentle, kind and wants to get behind the problem, not just treat the symptom. After success for his own ailments and with a mind dedicated to understanding, he trained at the British School of Osteopathy, gaining his Master of Osteopathy degree with distinction. His elective clinics included advanced spinal manipulation, obstetrics and visceral osteopathy making him the man to see with body problems, from back ache to disease.

After graduation Emlyn wanted to develop a more distinctively osteopathic and holistic approach. He progressed to postgraduate studies with the Institute of Classical Osteopathy – including 18 months in their London teaching clinic, He attends post graduate courses, and is committed to continuing professional development, and plans to keep expanding and refining his osteopathic skills throughout his career.

Even for Emlyn there was a life before discovering his true love, osteopathy,  Emlyn studied philosophy at the LSE. He also pursued careers in marketing communications and music – one rather more financially rewarding than the other.

Outside osteopathy Emlyn’s main interest is his daughter Frieda, born just after he moved to Berkhamsted in May 2014. He also enjoys walks, cycling and exploring his collection of around 3,500 records.