Jonathan Fisk


Jonathan has recently joined the team. He began to look at Osteopathy when he suffered from a bad back himself and started to research complementary medicine. It was the holistic approach and the treatment of the whole body that drew Jonathan to osteopathy.

Experience of life has taught Jonathan an understanding of how injuries occur through work, sports,s and life in general. Using this experience he has applied his knowledge in rehabilitation, maintaining fitness along with his empathic ear and understanding of patients’ needs to get to the crux of the problem. He has an eye for problem-solving with patients’ well-being being at the heart of his treatments and endeavors to involve the patient in their management plan.

Previously, Jonathan ran a Landscape business (hence the backache!) and is a keen sportsman having run marathons and played rugby and hockey at the club level, he still runs, skies, hikes, and is an avid follower of country sports and the the countryside in general having lived in the sticks for most of his life.