Philip Aarons BSc.(Ost) MICO DHMSA

Principal Osteopath, lower back solution and Pain Specialist

Proud to have helped thousands of people over the last 29 years, principal practitioner, Philip, set up the House and still works full time there. Having graduated from The British School of Osteopathy in 1993 he has spent 30 years studying pain, people and all things health. In pure essence, his passion is to get you enriched in enjoying life and health.

Philip writes bespoke programs taking you on a journey from chronic pain to flourishing health. That nagging ache while you sit, the lack of energy and direction during the day, the feeling of being tired or unsatisfied. Taking the pain away from the immediate and giving you a plan to start feeling better. First appointments will be up to three-quarters of an hour long and a program may be set up using a multi-discipline team ranging from structural osteopathy, energetic acupuncture to nutrition and coaching. For people with long-term chronic pain that want to have a future of fun and direction, this is for you.

His professional career began in 1993 when he worked with ex NZ president of the Register in a clinic in New Zealand. On return, he was immediately selected as a senior tutor at the British School of Osteopathy from 1995 to 2004 and later the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (2004-2011), and where he still works as the occasional guest lecturer. Last appointment there was in April 2023.   The drive and passion he invested in his students was the reward that made him want to give this to the patients. His topics include language skills, mentorship and coaching, courses at Transphorm and CLG have forged his passion to help. Academic subjects such as the History of Western Medicine, Osteopathic manual techniques, and clinical skills have been imbibed studied and taught. He is involved with the John Wernham School of Classical Osteopathy and continues professional development whenever he can. His latest CPD includes running and the adaptations behind it. You may have seen him on running courses, barefoot and by 2022 back in trainers. His latest interest is in Thyroid related matters, sleep and breathing patterns.

Techniques in 2021 and in the last twelve months already have been to updates on knee surgery and shoulder joint changes. 2023 means working with more chronic pain patients and helping make their life flourish.

He is a member of The General Council and Register of Osteopaths, a former member of The Osteopathic Society of Great Britain, a member of Institute of Classical Osteopaths, a member of The Society of Apothecaries, trained in Sutherland Cranial Osteopathy (level 1), attended a post graduate Nutrition course at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, Homeopathic interest courses and even boasts a diploma from The College of Healing in Wales. Lastly, he is qualified to practice Medical Needling, a western form of acupuncture. Eventually, he hopes to get his 10 meter swimming badge !

As well as various papers ranging from Osteopathic History to Vaccination he has supervised over five dissertations investigating the benefits and history of Osteopathy. In 2009 Philip finished an NLP practitioner course specializing in listening to his patients needs. Combining multi-continent techniques and thoughts he is confident that whatever the problem he can look at it from any angle and find a solution.

For fun he runs, scuba dives and spends as much time as possible with his wife Hannah, dogs Pasha and Gino and his two children Joshua and Poppy. Each year he chooses an adventure to raise money for charity, 2009 was dedicated to the London Marathon and raising money for Kith and Kids, 2010 was Barnardos and the 4 Peaks challenge while 2011 was The Ridgeway bike challenge. 2012 and 2013 saw the South Peaks Challenge by bike. (because it was very hard and he ran out of daylight the first time he went back for the 90 mile off-road attempt in 2014 to complete it.

I am very excited you have decided to make a change in your life.

As you know when we do things the same way you’ve always done, you get the same results you’ve always gotten. It is time for a different approach.

I have over two decades of experience and thousands of successful results and my focus as your practitioner is somewhat different to what you may have expected. We will work together to get you out of pain. We have to also be curious about what your life would look like when that happens. In 5 years, or 10 or even 30.

Resolving your current pain and physical limitations is just the first step to the rest of your life.

Instead of working session-by-session and achieving limited results, I work in programs. This way we get FAR better results together. We partner together on a tailor-made journey:

  • Identify the root cause so we can prevent it from returning
  • Resolve the underlying structural issues and imbalances to get you out of pain
  • Enhance your body to give you more energy and more drive, making you feel better than you have in years.

Imagine an expert guide taking you from where you are now to where you could be, helping you make the changes in your life to support your health goals and life goals. Your treatment program focuses on getting you stronger than you have been for years.

Thousands of patients over twenty-five years were safely guided to great health. Tel: 01923 896 655 for Rickmansworth and 0189 5741837 (Pinner)