Phil’s Fave Immune Busting Moves



These “fave” moves will help you get the circulation going and should be preformed about 3 times a day. Have fun, breath deep and no doubt you deserve a cup of tea afterwards.

  1. ACTIVE RIB BREATHING: Assists lymphatic drainage throughout the body.
    • Stand up and in a relaxed but upright position,
    • Stand in alignment (feet pelvis width, outside edges parallel, hips over your heels with butt untucked and ribs relaxed down). Or sit with weight on your sit bones. Allow the front of your ribcage to relax down.
    • Breathe in deeply, expanding the sides and back of your ribcage and at the same time raise your arms above your head. . Pause, then exhale fully dropping your arms to your sides
    • Repeat for 5-10 breaths, several times throughout the day. CAUTION! If you start to feel dizzy, dial it back and focus on exhaling completely.
  2. HEAD RAMPING: Targets cervical lymph nodes and the thoracic duct, your largest lymphatic drainage portal.
    • As in the breathing exercise, start in aligned standing or sitting with your ribs relaxed down. Place your hand on your sternum (breastbone); it should be vertical.
    • Tuck your chin back and up, elongating your neck and keeping your eyes level on the horizon. If you’re against a wall, you’re aiming for touching it with the back of your head.
    • Your ear should stack up over your shoulder joint and the skin on the back of your neck should be wrinkle free.
    • You should see (or feel) multiple chins! (I do)
    • Repeat this 15 times and follow by rotating your head right and left in turn 10 times each side.
  3. Breathing Blows: Targets abdominal lymph nodes and organs. (Remember, the gut plays a role in immune defense too.)
    • Stand tall and in great posture.
    • Fold yours arms across your chest and breath in making your belly expand out.
    • Sharply breath out and suck that belly in. Repeat 10 times and make sure your breath sounds are full and quick. (your neighbour should be able to hear them ????)
  4. WALKING: Gets your whole body in on the action.
    • Swinging your arms (focus on pulling them back then letting go) stimulates your axillary (armpit) nodes, while your legs activate those in the inguinal (groin) region.Make sure you have a soldiers rhythm. i.e left leg and right arm swing in unison and than the opposite. If you really cant get outside, do it on the spot. The quicker the better and ideally get the heart beating faster.

• Need more motivation?
Call me : Four simple moves for a whole body approach to immune boosting. Of course, there are many more ways to help yourself. But moving more and in better alignment is a great place to start.