Self Isolation

The advice is clear, if you are over 70, pregnant or vulnerable please isolate. We can and should question COVID-19 but we should follow guidelines. But what does that mean.

For some that means not being able to hug their children or grandchildren, perhaps give up a family event or a friends lunch etc. Even going to the shops and chatting to staff is now taken away from them.  This can create a feeling of loneliness. We all can feel lonely from time to time. Feelings of loneliness are personal, so everyone’s experience of loneliness will be different.

But loneliness is not always the same as being alone.

You may choose to be alone and live happily without much contact with other people, while others may find this a lonely experience.

Here are some tips for recognizing loneliness for what it is and dealing with it in the healthiest ways.

1. Realize that loneliness is a feeling, not a fact.  Thats right, we may not be as social as we were, and we may resent it or feel scared, but that is not a fact, it is a feeling and feelings we can change. Phils Fave tips: , pick up the phone, call us or even pen a letter for fun, you could e mail us at the Osteopathic House. With some of teh practioners no able to work, it may even be helping them to have contact as well. So help out and get writingg/ calling and smiling.

2. It is short term. Yes , thats right.. Covid-19 Virus quarantine is not here to stay. By global pandemics, it is extremly small (think 1918 when 40 million died or AIDs in 1985 when 20 million died, Swine flu or Jerusleum flu, in fact even good old fashion flu kills 500,000 a year). Things are bad , but they could be worse.

3. Keep searching for good news and most importantly share it. If you search google etc for what is teh good news today you will be surprosed how great teh world is. If you really want to feel good, read Factfullness and suddenly you will know we are extremly well looked after globaly. (it is a surprise even to me)

4. Take Action…… Sorry you have to do something right now. First go to the lymph exercises on this web site to get the body going. Next focus the mind, think of something you love or a great day (may your wedding day, a baby born, a birthday when you were ten) it really doesn’t matter, but own that day. Let it fill you with smiles and at that stage say out loud Yes…. Yes… and thank you. Try it and as loud as you can…. It will release hormones that make you feel good.

5. See point 1… we can all feel sad at these times, check out our Facebook page for info and good news. You can relay on the osteopathic House to make sense of a crazy world. We have your back….. so to speak.