Walking your way to health.

Why not do the exercise you evolved to do?

Patients often tell us they want to exercise regularly but really struggle to stick with it. In fact many pay subscriptions to gyms they barely use. If that sounds familiar, why not try something that might actually improve your health – not to mention your bank balance?

Ultimately you have to find what works best for you. But there is one form of exercise that we’re happy to recommend to almost every patient: walking.

No really, we’re not joking

At this point, we sometimes have to reassure patients that we’re being serious. We tend to think of exercise as something involving branded sportswear, moderate to severe discomfort and a lot of sweat. Walking need not involve any of these.

What it does involve is a movement that millions of years of evolution shaped your anatomy and physiology for. And let’s not forget that walking also:

  • costs nothing
  • suits every level of fitness
  • brings proven health benefits and little risk of injury
  • burns calories effectively
  • fits easily into busy daily routines
  • can be done on your own or with others.

It really is as easy as a walk in the park

Chances are you already know how to walk, so there’s no steep learning curve to negotiate. You just think about how you can incorporate a little more into your day.

Eventually, you should look to build up to 30 minutes of brisk walking on five days a week. But you need to start at a speed and duration that works for you. Try getting off the bus early, swapping stairs for lift at work, or walking further to get lunch. Then slowly increase your speed and distance.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, but otherwise no special equipment is required. It may take a little imagination and planning to fit that thirty minutes into your day. If you can’t it may be worth considering whether your current lifestyle is good for you!