There is hope on the horizon despite all the coronavirus chaos.

At the Osteopathic House, we love good news, so lets share some

The pandemic is sweeping the globe with lockdowns all over Europe and rising death tolls across the UK and neighbouring countries.

There are tales of heroic medics and of incredible recoveries with people offering help and of course… team spirit.

Lets also give a chart to show how this pandemic compares with others we know about. (see below)

From trial vaccines to potential treatments and from great neighbours to wonderful community spirit, there seems to be hope for us all.

Amid all the tales of woe, here’s our take on the good news stories to come out of the pandemic:

– China has reported just one new domestic coronavirus infection for a second day in a row. It was in Wuhan where the virus emerged at the end of last year. Cases in the surrounding Hubei province have been in single digits for at least a week. Wuhan was quarantined on January 23 with the whole of Hubei locked down a few days later. The country has closed its final specific coronavirus hospital – because it is no longer needed. Medics were seen joyfully ripping off their protective gear in scenes of celebration.

– The world’s youngest and the world’s oldest victims of the virus are both doing well. A newborn baby infected shortly after birth at North Middlesex Hospital in London is said to be out of danger and recovering well. Meanwhile, a 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19. Medics said she was cured in less than a week because she had no underlying health  problems.

– Across the UK and abroad, communities are coming together to help their neighbours. Village shops are delivering to elderly and vulnerable residents and groups are being set up to help those isolating with shopping and medicine drops.

– Arts lovers are donating in their droves to causes close to their hearts. Southampton’s iconic music venue The Joiners was close to its £5,000 crowd funding target to help it survive coronavirus cancellations after just 24 hours and theatres locally and in the West End are reporting patrons donating the cost of their cancelled tickets back to the venue.

– Researchers have discovered an antibody that can fight off the infection. The discovery at Rotterdam and Utrecht University could lead to new medication and a way to test yourself in the comfort of your own home.

– The heavily polluted city of Venice and others across the world are getting a well earned rest. Following a complete lockdown in Italy, Venetians are sharing incredible stories, pictures and videos which show the city’s canals crystal clear with fish swimming in them. Pollution is down due to a lack of boat traffic.

– A team of scientists in the Canadian state of Quebec are making progress towards creating a vaccine. – Teachers, children’s entertainers, exercise instructors and group leaders are taking their efforts online. Dozens are setting up special streaming services to keep the nation fit and healthy, entertained and educated.- Plasma from newly recovered patients could be used to treat others. A Japanese pharmaceutical firm is developing a new drug derived from the blood plasma of people