Feel like your head is coming out


Stop pain now: tips from the expert

Written by Emlyn Lamburn BSc (Hons), MOst, AMICO – Classical Osteopath at The Osteopathic House in Rickmansworth.

17-year-old Lucy had suffered with occasional migraines since primary school. Now she was studying for a-levels and acting in her spare time they had become weekly and much more severe.

Chronic headaches involve sensitisation of the nervous system serving the head and neck. In migraine, this leads to constriction and relaxation of pain-sensitive blood vessels in the brain. Other symptoms like altered vision or pins and needles may come with the resulting changes in blood flow.

Lucy’s treatment focused on gently addressing postural strain and reducing inputs into her sensitised head and neck pain system. Meanwhile, we helped Lucy and her family implement simple lifestyle changes to lower stress levels and restore her normal resilience. Lucy’s headaches improved within a few weeks and then stopped completely after four months.

Emlyn’s top tips for managing your migraines

It’s not just in your head. Migraines may involve head pain, but your head doesn’t exist in isolation. It’s supported both physically and physiologically by the rest of your body. Management should be global, considering whole-body mechanics alongside digestive system function, hormonal changes, stress and more where relevant.

Learn about your headaches. Like any chronic pain problem, understanding your migraines will help you manage them. We can explain the anatomy and physiology behind your headaches.

Take action – book an appointment. Ever noticed back pain, toothache or other pains improve once you call the osteopath, dentist or doctor? Getting professional help and a management plan brings a sense of control and restores your body’s normal inhibition of pain.

Hands-on treatment. Evidence suggests that professional manipulation and mobilisation can help manage migraines. Our experienced osteopaths provide gentle, relaxing hands-on treatment within a management plan that’s tailored to you.